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Audrina Patridge is an Angel





PETA is really upping the ante in their rescue/adoption campaign! Kudos to them!

The newest celebrity spokesperson is The Hills’  Audrina Patridge, seen yesterday posing in front of herself  holding  a dog, looking like an angel and the beyond-life-size billboard high above Beverly Blvd!  The billboard reads “Always Adopt, Never Buy”.  Words to live by, literally!

Audrina will be leaving The Hills after it’s 5th season to star in her own reality show! 


Photo Credit: Splash News


Miley Cyrus Honored by PETA!


Teen star Miley Cyrus has been praised for being kind to Hollywood chickens. The Hannah Montana sensation reportedly took pity on chickens used on the film set of her latest movie. Cyrus, 16, was keen to see the birds lead a happy life that she took them back to her family’s rural Tennessee home. The action has earned Cyrus a Compassionate Citizen Award from the youth division of animal charity PETA. “Miley’s heart is as big as her smile,” said Dan Shannon, PETA’s assistant director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns. “We hope that her act of compassion will inspire her fans to be kind to animals too.” Cyrus will get a framed certificate and card from the charity.

Way to go, Miley!

Photo Credit: Splash News


VP’s Dogs’ Breeder Miserable!


Vice President, Joe Biden bought Champion,  this adorable pedigreed German Shepard puppy from a Chester County breeder last December, 2008 and the breeder of the dog is so disillusioned now!

The woman who sold the puppy to the Bidens says that she felt “so honored” that out of all the breeders in the country, they chose her. But once the story got out, she was targeted mercilessly by people who think the Bidens should have opted for a shelter pup instead of a breeders’.

Since then, she’s been visited repeatedly, unannounced, by state inspectors, who walk around and snap photos, giving her no reason for the inspections. Ludicrous citations have resulted in her having to hire attorneys for the court hearings, PLUS she and the Vice-President have received death threats from animal activists!

We’ll preface this by saying that we are totally a shelter/rescue/adoption proponent.

But there is such a thing as RESPONSIBLE and ETHICAL dog breeding practices and these breeders LIVE and BREATHE for their dogs, only wanting to enhance the breed and find the perfect home for them.  Most humane people are against puppy-mills and irresponsible breeders, and the word IS getting out about pet-shop animal purchases.

The last I looked though, we live in America, and people should have the choice as to whether a shelter pup is the right choice for them. There’s nothing worse than taking in a homeless pet and then realizing it was not the right fit for you and your family and then returning it; it’s hard on the humans involved and it’s demoralizing for the pet.

And to give someone the benefit of a doubt; for all we know, Joe Biden’s next pet very well WILL be a rescue, but one thing we know for sure; it won’t be a dog from this breeder!

What do you think about this particular situation? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Danity Kane for PETA

Danity Kane for PETA

Danity Kane have stripped off in support of animal rights. Aubrey O’Day, Aundrea Fimbres, Dawn Richard, Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgetteand Shannon Bex appear naked in a new anti-fur ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

Mtv’s Making The Band group cover up with a ‘We’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ banner but are otherwise all exposed.

Photo Credit: Splash News


Vanessa Carlton & Victor for PETA

Vanessa Carlton

Songstress Vanessa Carlton is the latest celebrity lending her image to PETA’s ABC campaign. She appears in a classic black & white ad with her dog, Victor and sat down with PETA to share her thoughts about animal birth control.

PETA: Tell us a little bit about Victor. What are some of the things that you enjoy doing together?

Vanessa: Lord Victor is an extremely handsome little man. Though he is quite humble, he definitely has a mesmerizing effect on the ladies. He is a professional cuddler and world traveler. He’s overjoyed when we stumble upon a rare twig on the city sidewalks. He loves to gather these sticks and bring them home, where he then proceeds to chew them up and inevitably regurgitate them. Another pastime that we both enjoy is making cocktails. When he hears the clank of ice cubes, he rushes over to the freezer. I give him a cube, and he proudly prances over to his bed, where he revels in the crunchy goodness.

PETA: Why is PETA’s ABC campaign important to you?

Vanessa: Most of the most well-adjusted and emotionally balanced dogs and cats are the mixed breeds found in shelters. Even if you’re taking in an abused pet, the reward in rehabilitating the animal can be profound. I hope that this campaign will influence the way people buy and maintain their animals. Bottom line—always go to a shelter first. Personally, I think spaying and neutering should be an enforced law.