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Heidi Montag Sulks With Dogs

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

Heidi Montag recently dragged her two Maltipoo dogs Dolly (white, named for Dolly Parton) and Ninja (black & white, named for ninjas everywhere) into her well-publicized post-breakup photo shoot.

Like her breasts, the dogs have tripled in size since the couple brought them home just last fall. This photo was just one in a series of professional “boo-hoo, poor me” photos that the pouting Heidi had taken in Malibu just after breaking up with husband Pratt.

The puppies in happier times

The dogs in happier times

If their divorce goest through, Heidi will reportedly keep the two dogs, as Spencer has expressed little interest in both dogs and children, noting that he is “just too busy” to own a dog, adding recently in an interview that, “There’s no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully.”

Friends of the attention-starved couple wonder if their breakup is real, or just another publicity stunt. I think the dogs, for one, smell a rat.

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All Aboard! The Harry Potter Train Rolls Into Town!





The hype is just starting for the new Harry Potter film; “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

The animal and human cast of the film rolled into  Gare du Nord in Paris France, June 8, 2009 aboard a very special train to promote the new film.

Animals and actors will tour the country on The Harry Potter Train, which will stop at 11 towns across the country until June 21, 2009. The cast pictured above, includes Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, James Phelps and Oliver Phelps along with Crockdur (Hagrid’s dog) and Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl!

The film hits theaters in the UK July 7, 2009 and France and the US July 15!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin


Thom Bierdz’ Photoshoot




Former Y&R star and artist, Thom Bierdz had a photoshoot May 11, 2009 in Los Angeles with his dogs, Deen and Bodhi.

Nothing like a cute pup to make you look good, eh? Like he needed any help!

Rumors are, that Thom is making a return as Phillip Chancellor on The Young and The Restless….a little bird told me around May 15!


Rebecca Budig Wants To Adopt


Soap Opera star, Rebecca Budig of All My Children is serious about reaching out to help animals. She’s recorded a PSA for the campaign “Adoption is the Option”.

Rebecca and her husband, ex-Bachelor Bob Guiney have a lab named Phoebe, but are planning on adopting their next dog and are very excited about it but haven’t decided on exactly what kind they’ll get yet.

Rebecca, a lifelong animal lover, encourages you to adopt a pet from your local shelter or from

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