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LA Ink’s Pixie Acia Talks to Celebrity Dog Watcher

Pixie Acia

Pixie Acia

We’ve been dying to share these photos and interview with you all and the day is finally here! The very hot Pixie Acia from LA Ink was kind enough to talk to us about two of her favorite things, her pit bulls, Cupcake and Chopper.

She’s a real dog lover and shared some remarkable stuff, including a rescue program she’s very
involved with that we’ll be seeing on a future episode and a peek into the life of her very special dog, Booger, who passed away almost two years ago.

And guys, sorry, but she’s got a boyfriend. A guy can still dream though I guess 😉

Read away and enjoy, we sure did!

CDW: Tell us about your dogs, are you a dog lover?

I have been a HUGE dog lover my whole life… I currently have two of the cutest pit bull girls in the world! Cupcake… she is my heart, I adopted her about 2 1/2 years ago from Karma Rescue, right here in Los Angeles. She was just a baby. She loves to play ball and loves even more when I bite on the side of her face!! Chopper…. she is my soul, my boyfriend rescued her from the streets of Hollywood when she was just a tiny peanut almost 2 years ago. She loves to chase Cupcake, chase the ball and loves to pull me on the skateboard. They live together in perfect harmony with my cat, Monkey! They fill our house with so much love!

CDW: Do you have any goals or aspirations in terms of working with dogs or being around them more?

One of my passions is to someday open my own rescue group for homeless pit bulls. My favorite groups are Villa Lobos Pitbull Rescue and Karma Rescue and they’re both right here in Los Angeles…. I will even be appearing at Villa Lobos in an upcoming episode of LA Ink… I hope to bring a lot of attention to the sweet and innocent dogs who have been living without a family for so long.

CDW: Who’s the third dog in the last picture?

The big white dog is my old dog who passed away almost two years ago. He was harder to lose than some humans. He was the most amazing man that ever lived. He was such a good boy and really spoke to you with his eyes and body language. If you look back in every photo you see you know exactly what he is thinking at that time. The kindest most noble man that ever lived was our beloved Booger. We miss him so much it’s hard to even say his name. 🙁

Pixie was real sweet in the interview, just like she appears on the show. We can’t wait to catch the episode of her at Villa Lobos and hopefully we’ll see Cupcake and Chopper on the show!

Want more pics? Six more after the jump, keep reading!

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LA Ink Fans – Guess What’s Comin’?

We are on a serious high right now, we got an interview with PIXIE from LA Ink! She was just as she appears on the show, really sweet and sent us a grip load of photos to share with you guys of her and her two dogs, Chopper and Cupcake.

We got a little off task today but we’ll have this up for you tomorrow so make sure you check back!

P.S. We’re on a mission to get another tattoo after watching LA Ink – anyone else got tattoo fever?