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99 (Great!) Dachshund Name Ideas + 16 Celebrity Doxies w/ Names

Dachshund names: There has never been a shortage of famous Dachshund owners, and they have squeezed into the top 10 most popular dog breeds once again this year.

Perhaps these celebrity Dachshund names will give you ideas about what to name your own puppy. We’ve also come up with another 99 amazing Dachshund name ideas for girl and boy dogs along with their meanings for your inspiration.

Celebrity Dachshund Names

Hollywood’s golden era was filled with wiener dogs. Here are some famous old-Hollywood celebrity Dachshunds along with their names:

Dachshund names for a Boy / male:

dachshund puppy names

Dachshunds are truly a German dog breed. These Doxy name ideas are inspired by popular historical German boy (male / masculine) names, as well as famous Germans. Do any of the name meanings describe your pup? 

  • Klaus / Claus (means, “people’s victory”)
  • Wolfgang / Wolf (“wolf path”) 
  • Manfred (“man of peace”)
  • Heinz (German version of “Henry,” means “home ruler!”) 
  • Rolf (means, “renown wolf”)
  • Gerhard (courageous) 
  • Dieter (remember Dieter’s Dance Party?)
  • Helmut (means, “protection”)
  • Sigfried / Siegfried (means, “victory, protection, peace”)
  • Otto (wealth, prosperity)
  • Heinrich (means, “home power”) 
  • Ralph (“counsel + wolf”)
  • Friedrich (means, “prince”)
  • Wilhelm (“resolute protector”)
  • Hans (“Jehovah has been gracious”)
  • Hansel (“little Hans”) 
  • Franz (2 Dachshunds? How about “Hans and Franz?)
  • Fritz (“peace ruler”)
  • Bastian (“venerable”)
  • Karl (means, “manly”)
  • Olaf (“ancestor’s descendent”) 
  • Gunther (“warrior”) 
  • Maximilian / Max (“greatest”)
  • Herman (“soldier” or “army man”)
  • Ludwig (“famous war”) 
  • Axel (“father of peace”) 
  • Johann (“God is merciful”)
  • Sigmund (“victorious defender”) 
  • Herschel (means, “deer”)

*Popular boy dog name ideas: Max, Buddy, Jake, Rocky, Jack, Toby, Cody, Buster, Lucky, Tucker, Oliver, Oscar, Rusty, Elvis, Hunter, Diesel, Chester, Otis, Coco, Duncan, Bandit, Shadow, Chance, Roscoe

German Surnames that work for Dachshunds, Too!

dachshund name ideas

Dachshund means, “badger dog” in German. These surnames also have a meaning behind them, and might just be a good name for your dog:

  • Schmidt / Schmitt (smith)
  • Fischer (fisherman)
  • Weber (weaver)
  • Mayer (landlord)
  • Wagner (wainwright)
  • Schultz, Schulz (sheriff, judge)
  • Koch (cook)
  • Bauer (farmer)
  • Richter (sheriff or judge)
  • Klein (means, “small”)
  • Schröder (tailor + “Peanuts” character)
  • Neumann (means, “new man”)
  • Schwarz (means, “black haired”)
  • Zimmermann (carpenter)
  • Braun (means, “brown haired”)
  • Schubert (shoemaker)
  • Ziegler (brickmaker)
  • Pfeiffer (piper)
  • Hoover (land owner)
  • JÄGER (hunter)
  • Kaiser (emperor)
  • Kramer (shopkeeper, or “Seinfeld” character)
  • Mendel / Mendelssohn (son of Mendel)
  • Beckenbaur (bowl-builder)
  • Rosen / Rosenberg (means, “rose mountain” – Might be good for a fat, red Dachshund!)
  • Schindler (shingler or roof tiler)
  • Straub (rough or unkept / one with bushy or bristly hair. Long-haried Dachshund?)

Name ideas for a Girl / Female Dachshund:

dachshund tattoo

(yes, that’s a tattoo of a Picasso Dachshund drawing!)

Once again, let’s go back to popular historical German names for inspiration. Here are some German girl names (female / feminine) that would also work for a Dachshund:

  • Ursula (means, “little bear”)
  • Adele (“noble and kind”)
  • Ingrid (translates to, “Ing’s ride.” Ing was the Norse God of Peace and fertility)
  • Helga (“Holy / blessed”)
  • Gisela / Giselle (“a pledge of peace”) 
  • Brigitte (“the high one” or “strength”) 
  • Heidi (“Nobility”)
  • Eva (“life” or “full of life”) 
  • Petra (“rock / stone”) 
  • Ruth (“companion or friend. Vision of beauty”) 
  • Margot (“pearl”)
  • Gertrud (“strong spear”)
  • Hildegard (battle / glorious warfare”)
  • Sonja (“wisdom”)
  • Karla / Carla (“feminine or womanly strength”)
  • Johanna (“Gift from God.” But, Isn’t every Dachshund?) 
  • Irma (“war goddess” – No longer popular in Florida, though)
  • Mia (“wished-for-child”)
  • Hannah (“favor” or “grace”)
  • Sofia (“holy wisdom”)
  • Amelie (“hard working”)
  • Sophie (“wisdom / wise”) 
  • Frieda (“beautiful / beloved”)
  • Greta (“pearl”)
  • Zoe / Zoey (means “life” in Greek)
  • Stella (Latin for “star”)
  • Fiona (“white / fair”)
  • Tilda (“strength in battle”)
  • Rosalie (“rose”)
  • Nina (“dreamer”) 
  • Nora (“honor” or “light”)
  • Nadja (“hope”)

*Popular girl dog names: Molly, Bella, Lucy, Maggie, Daisy, Sadie, Chloe, Sophie, Lola, Abby, Roxy, Gracie, Sasha, angel, Lily, Princess, Emma, Lady, Madison, Belle, Brandy, Jasmine, Sassy, Peanut

Dachshund Name ideas from foods: (funny)

dachshund names german_food

Maybe these german foods will inspire you for a good Dachshund name idea:

  • Schnitzel (weiner schnitzel)
  • Streusel / Streudel (pastry desserts) 
  • Sauerbraten (German pot roast)
  • Bratwurst (pork sausage)
  • Knockwurst (plump sausage made with pork and veal)
  • Spätzle (means “little sparrows.” German noodle dish)
  • Dunkel (dark German beer)
  • Frank (Frankfurter, Frankfurt?)
  • Pepper (pfeffer)
  • Zwetschgenkuchen (Long name… long dog!) 

Name Ideas for a RED dog:

  • red dogGinger
  • Rusty
  • Penny
  • Auburn
  • Red
  • Amber
  • Scarlet
  • Ruby
  • Rose / Rosie
  • Carmine (shade of red)
  • Autumn
  • Heinz
  • Keegan (“son of fire”)

Other Funny Dachshund Name Ideas:

dachshund girl names

  • Einstein (Albert Einstein once had a Doxie named, “Chico!”)
  • (King) Otto the Great
  • King Frederick / Friedrich
  • King Reinhold
  • Rapunzel (long-haired Dachshund?)
  • Briar Rose
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II – *The emperor actually had Dachshunds named, “Hexl,” and “Senta.” When they visited Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the dogs ate one of his prized golden pheasants! 
  • Oscar Mayer (wiener, of course)
  • Herman Von Helmholtz (scientist)
  • Archduke Leopold
  • Princess Sophie
  • Felix Mendelssohn
  • Wilhelm Furtwängler (composer)
  • Colonel Klink (Hogan’s Heroes)
  • Badger (Dachshund means, “Badger dog”)
  • Schweinehund (means, “pig dog”)
  • Funny: Arschgeige (one who can’t do anything right. Literally means, “ass violin”)
  • Funny: Arschbombe (means, “ass bomb”. Is your Dachshund gassy?)

*Many of these name ideas would also work for Miniature Pinschers (Min-Pin’s) or other small German dogs!


  • Celebrity Dachshund owners on Dozens of celebrities, famous people, and royalty have been owned by Dachshunds.
  • French Bulldog name ideas – More inspiration for puppy names!
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Lin Manuel Miranda’s Dog: A Mutt Named “Tobillio”

Lin Manuel Miranda and his dog, Tobillio: “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel has an aging mutt named, “Tobillo” who, besides being his creative muse, has also become a bit of a star on Twitter recently. (more on that later)

lin manuel miranda dog

Lin Manuel’s dog: The story behind his name

In case you haven’t heard, the Puerto Rican Miranda’s dog is called Tobillo. There’s actually a very interesting story behind the name. Lin Manuel Miranda is of Puerto Rican decent, and “Tobillo” is the Spanish word for “ankle.” If you’re wondering why he would call his doggy such an odd name, it’s really very funny.

When he first brought the puppy home, one of the first things it did was nibble on Miranda’s future-wife’s ankle! He obviously thought that the whole thing was so hilarious that he went ahead and named the dog after the incident. Crazy, right?

Tobillo: Star of Twitter

Lin Manuel takes Tobillio to work; tweets photograph of him in front of green screen

One of the trends that we just love at the moment is taking your dog to work. After all, what could possibly be better than having your pup with you when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone? Just seeing their cute little face should be enough to brighten your day at the best of times.

One person who knows just how much joy an office dog can bring is none other than the rather wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda. The massively talented actor, writing, and (yes!) rapper recently took his little doggy to work with him. In fact, the little pup looked seriously happy while he was hanging out in Lin’s suave-looking office.

As you probably already know from his shenanigans, Miranda likes to have fun now and then. So, he recently posted a picture on Twitter of the cute little Tobillo in front of a green screen. Why, you ask? Well, he wanted to set the online world a sneaky little challenge.

“I brought my dog Tobi to work and took her picture in front of the green screen for y’all,” Miranda tweeted. Yep, he was basically asking people to Photoshop his pup.

The results were utterly hilarious. It seems that many people had nothing better to do with their day than spend time editing pictures of the pup. Some of the best (edited!) photos included ones that mimicked famous posters, ones that were just weird, and ones that put the dog’s face on people’s heads! Here are some of our favorites:

Tobillo: The Phantom of the Opera!

Now, we’re not sure if this is intentional or not, but ‘perra’ means female dog in Spanish. Either the person spelled the word wrong (oops!) or they were trying to make a funny pun in the title. We’re hoping it’s the latter! This is one of the best Photoshopped pictures we’ve seen in a long time. And, hey, why shouldn’t Tobillo take a starring role, eh?

This “Tobillo” Moana-inspired tweet:

Moana was one of the biggest kids’ movies of the year in 2016. If you didn’t quite catch it, you’re sure to find this particular picture seriously confusing. Still, you have to admire the Photoshop skills that its creator has.

Of course, Miranda loved the pictures. This was exactly what he’d been asking for. What’s more, he went ahead and retweeted some of his favorites. They are so worth checking out if you have time! Also, be sure to follow Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter to catch new photos of his dog!

Here’s some more photos of Miranda’s dog:

lin manuel miranda family dog

lin manuel miranda family dog (he hides his son’s face online)


Celebrity French Bulldogs + 99 Awesome Frenchie Name Ideas

Celebrities and famous people who own French Bulldogs + names: Frenchies are about the hottest dog breed choice with celebrities. This looks to be no passing fad, either, as celebrities like The Rock, Martha Stewart, and Lady Gaga look are often on their 2nd or 3rd French Bulldog.

Here are some famous French Bulldogs in Hollywood, plus, checkout our awesome male and female French Bulldog name ideas!

Hopefully you’ve found inspiration from what these celebrities have named their Frenchies. If not, here are some more puppy name ideas:

French Bulldog: Name Ideas for a BOY / Male

In looking to name your French Bulldog, why not consider popular French boy names and their meanings. These masculine names work equally well for Frenchies and humans alike:

  • french bulldog name idea boyAndre (means, “brave”)
  • Baron (“son of strength”)
  • Beaufort (beautiful fortress”)
  • Bennett (means, “blessed”)
  • Caine / Kane (“fighter”)
  • Campbell (“wry-mouthed”)
  • Cannon (“wolf cub”)
  • Corbin (“raven” – black Frenchie?)
  • Curtis (“polite & well-bred”)
  • Damien (“one who tames”)
  • Darrell
  • Delaney (“child of dark defiance”)
  • Durant (“enduring”)
  • Duval (“of the valley”) 
  • Edgard – (“wealthy man holding a spear”)
  • Edmund (“protector”)
  • Émile (“industrious”)
  • Emmanuel (“God with us”)
  • Eugène (means, “well-born” or “good”) 
  • Fernand – (“brave traveller”) 
  • Gerald – (“rule of the spear”)
  • Fitzgerald – (“son of Gerald”) 
  • Fletcher – (“Maker of arrows”)
  • Forrest – (“one who lives near a forest”)
  • Francois (means, “Frenchman”) 
  • Gaspar (“treasure”)
  • Gaston
  • Hamilton
  • Harvey (“blazing”)
  • french bulldog puppy girlHenry (“rules his household”)
  • Hugo / Hugh (“bright in mind, spirit”)
  • Jacques – (“supplanter, one who overthrows”) 
  • Jasper (“keeper of treasure”)
  • Javier
  • Jean-  (“gift from God”)
  • Lancelot (God-like”)
  • Leon (“lion”)
  • Marcel (“hammer”)
  • Maurice(“dark-skinned, Moorish”)
  • Maynard (“brave and strong”)
  • Nathaniel (“gift of God”)
  • Neville (“from the New village”)
  • Nicolas (“victor of the people”)
  • Normand / Normandy- (from the North”)
  • Oliver – (“peace / extending an olive branch”)
  • Orson – (“bear”)
  • Orval / Orville – (“gold town”)
  • Pascal – (“born on passover”)
  • Percival(“pierces the valley.” One of the nights of the Round Table who searched for the Holy Grail)  
  • Percy
  • Percival – (“pierces the valley,” knight of the Round Table)
  • Philippe – (“lover of horses”)
  • Pierre – (“stone or rock”)
  • Rémy – (“oarsman”)
  • Sébastien (“venerable, revered”)
  • Serge – (“protector, shepherd”)
  • Seymour
  • Tristan (“tumult, outcry”)
  • Vernon – (“full of life”)
  • Victor(“conqueror”)
  • Vincent – (“to conquer”)
  • Zacharie(“the Lord recalled”) 

French Bulldog Puppy Name Ideas for a GIRL / Female

Here are some feminine name ideas for your French Bulldog. Some are cute, but most of these feminine puppy names are based on popular french girl names:

  • lady gaga french bulldog asiaAdalene (means, “noble”) 
  • Adele – (“noble, kind”) 
  • Adrianna(“dark”)
  • Amélie(“hard working”)
  • Antoinette – (highly praiseworthy”)
  • Beau – (means “beautiful”)
  • Bella – (“beautiful, loving”)
  • Bernadette – (“bear-like, brave, strong”)
  • Bridgette (“power, strength, virtue”)
  • Cadence – (“rhythm and flow”)
  • Camille / Camilla – (“servant for the temple”)
  • Cecile – (“blind”)
  • Celeste – (“celestial, heavenly”)
  • Célia (“heavenly”)
  • Charlotte(“petite”)
  • Clara – (“bright or clear”)
  • Claudette
  • Coquette – (flirt)
  • Dominique – (“of the lord”)
  • Ella(“beautiful fairy”) 
  • Emile – (“industrious”) 
  • Esmée – (“esteemed, loved”)
  • Estelle (“star”)
  • Fae – (“confidence, belief”) 
  • Felicity (“happiness, luck”)
  • Floria – (“blooming, flowers”) 
  • Francine – (“free one”) 
  • Gabrielle – (“woman of God”)
  • Genevieve – (“white wave”) 
  • Georgine / Georgina – (“farmer”) 
  • Giselle – (“a pledge of peace”) 
  • Harriett(“rules her household”) 
  • Henrietta
  • Isabella, Isabelle – (“devoted to God”) 
  • Joli – (means “pretty”)
  • Josephine – (“May Jehovah add” / “addition to the family”) 
  • Juliette(“youthful”) 
  • Lisette – (“oath of God”) 
  • Lorraine
  • Louise – (“renowned warrior”)
  • Lucille (“French light”) 
  • Madeleine – (“elevated, magnificent”) 
  • Magnolia – (“type of flower”)
  • Margot, Marguerite  – (“pearl”)
  • Matilda – (“might, strength”) 
  • Nadine(“hope”) 
  • Nicolette – (“people of victory”) 
  • Noelle (“Christmas”)
  • Odette (“wealth”)
  • Paris
  • Pascale – (“relating to Easter”)
  • Paulette – (“small, humble”) 
  • Renée – (“reborn”) 
  • Reine – pronounced “ren” (means, “queen”)
  • Roselyn – (“red-haired”)
  • Roxanne(“dawn, bright”)
  • Simone – (“one who hears”) 
  • Stella – (Latin for “star”) 
  • Tempeste (like a storm!?) 
  • Tilda(“strength in battle”) 
  • Yvette – (“archer”) 
  • Zuri, Zuria – (“Swahili for “beautiful”) 

French Bulldog power Name Ideas

French Bulldogs are really tough, confident, and small. Therefore, why not give your Frenchie puppy a power name like:

  • napoleanNapolean
  • King Louis
  • Normandy
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Joan of Arc
  • (General) Rochambeau
  • (General Marquis de) Lafayette
  • Bruno
  • Buster
  • Maximus
  • Duchess
  • Zeus
  • Wolf

French Bulldog Name Ideas: French Artists

  • Cezanne
  • Chagall
  • cezanneDuchamp
  • Degas
  • Manet
  • Matisse
  • Monet
  • Renoir
  • Gaugin
  • Pissaro
  • Toulouse
  • Bazille
  • Seurat
  • Van Gogh

French Bulldog name ideas from French Writers

  • Balzac
  • Emile Zola
  • Jean-Paul
  • Albert Camus
  • Marcel Proust
  • Victor Hugo
  • Jules Verne
  • Voltaire
  • Rousseau

Cute French Bulldog Names Inspired by food

You could always go in the cute direction by naming your Frenchie puppy after a popular French pastry, bread, or food like:

  • baguette
  • brioche
  • croissant
  • parfait – means “perfect”
  • pepper
  • Peaches
  • Pistachio

*Related: 99 awesome Dachshund name ideas!

john legend bulldog video

John Legend: “All of Me” Bulldog Wedding Video

John Legend made this awesome music video for “All of Me” featuring his two dogs; a bulldog and french bulldog named Putty & Pippa.

So, why did John put his bulldogs in a wedding dress and tuxedo? Don’t worry, he didn’t go insane. (Although he does admit to being “out of his mind” in the song.

Actually, he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen made this video for charity. Watch the video, and you can enter a contest for the chance to have John Legend sing at your own wedding or event!

Never knew he and his wife were so funny! (nice comedic timing, too) Anyway, the charity, Omaze, is raising funds to build a new high school auditorium in John’s hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

john legend bulldogs

John Legend walking his dogs named Pippa and Putty (to get in wedding-shape?)