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Drink a Cup; Save a Pup Campaign!




One of the celebs’ FAVORITE  animal rescue organizations is having a fabulous  promotion that combines our ongoing love affair with java and our ongoing, eternal love affair with our pets, “Drink a Cup, Save a Pup”! 

 For a limited time, you can purchase delicious, gourmet coffees and with each purchase, a generous donation is made to Much Love!  There’s 5 different blends you can select from and they all sound yummy!

 Now, that’s an offer you can’t refuse!!

Much Love Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, CA is a 100% non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to reducing the overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals. It’s also 100% VOLUNTEER staffed and has helped save the lives of scores of homeless pets by their fundraising and fostering efforts.

This organization rescues animals from other shelters who are scheduled for euthanization, provide medical care for those in need, and  rehabilitates hard-to-adopt animals and finding them good homes, promoting spaying and neutering animals and educating children and the public on responsible pet-guardianship.  

Their celebrity supporters and friends reads like a “Whos Who” of Hollywood ~ to check out their website and order your daily fix CLICK HERE.

Had your cup o’ MUCH LOVE today?



Put away that dusty winter collar your pup has been sporting all year and start the spring and summer off with new neck wear from

It’s simple. Email us at and tell us how many dog collars there are for sale at and what your favorite color is.

Include your name, email and a phone number too so if you win, we have a chance at contacting you, esp for those of you with emails that fill up and bounce back! 😉

The winner of the new collar from HOUSE OF DOG is Susan in Kansas City, MO. Thanks Susan for entering!! We hope Star loves her new collar 😉

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HouseOfDog is cleaning out their warehouse this week and selling a bunch of “manufacturer irregulars” at 65% off. These products have flaws of some sort and can not be sold at full price- some have missing crystals (extra crystals are included with these collars- you will have to glue them in yourselves) some do not have the top coating on them, so crystals will fall out eventually- or there is a bend in the bag, or the bowl is not shiny– there are all kinds of little things that are wrong with them and each product has something that might be wrong with them that is different from the next.

These items are NOT returnable at all- but the price is right if you’re open to using products with “manufacturer irregulars” at 65% off. Just use the discount code “H65” and remember these are FINAL SALES. NO RETURNS!

The sale will only last as long as the items do so check it out by going to


Celebrity Swag Auction to Benefit SPCALA Starts TODAY!

Celebrity swag auction begins TODAY, April 14, 2008, at 12pm PST on eBay to benefit spcaLA.

Fans can bid on celebrity designed pet bowls, a Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite gift bag and much more, all of which benefits spcaLA programs and services.

Celebs like Dyan Cannon, Robert Townsend, Jai Rodriguez, Tia Carrere, Marisol Nichols, Deidre Hall, and Francesco Quinn designed fun and colorful pet bowls, and sat for celebrity pet portraits with Michael Bezjian, all to raise funds for homeless and abused animals in southern California. A complete listing can be found HERE!


Quenching Your Dogs Thirst Comes in Flavors


Have you heard about this yet?

Remember when a full water bowl and a little dog food was all Fido needed? Now more companies are offering health food for pets, including vitamin-infused beverages.

The maker of RC Cola, Cott Corp., is unveiling the latest beverage line for dogs called Fortifido. It’s similar to the enhanced juices and drinks available for people.

The Wall Street Journal reports it’s a sign that even lesser-known companies are trying to grab a share of the estimated $43.4 billion-a-year pet industry. In 2007, Americans spent $41.2 billion in 2007, with $16.9 billion on food.

Wowza! I’m in the wrong business!

The company says Fortifido Water for Dogs comes in four in both 1-liter and 2-liter sizes.

The company is marketing one peanut-butter-flavored water fortified with calcium for healthy bones. Another fortified with zinc is for healthy skin and comes in a parsley flavor. The company is promoting a fresh breath variety enhanced with spearmint. The fourth variety, lemongrass flavored, has amino acids and minerals for healthy joints.

What do you think? Would you buy Fortifido for your Fido?

[Source] Thanks Janette for the link!