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Maltipoo – Celebrity Hybrid

Maltipoo Invasion – The Toyota Prius is no longer the hottest hybrid in Hollywood. Meet the Maltipoo; the unholy union of the Maltest and the Poodle that is hugely popular as an accessory among young celebrities right now.

This designer dog has dethroned the toy Chihuahua (Paris & Brittney popularized, and then ruined that trend) as the trendiest dog to tote around LA, as the list of Maltipoo owners keeps growing.

Some celebrity Maltipoo owners include: Ellen Degeneres, Ashley Tisdale (Blondie & Maui), Jessica Simpson (RIP Daisy), Michele Kwan (Ginseng), Blake Lively (Penny), Miley Cyrus (Sophie), Carmen Electra (Kiko), Vanessa Hudgens (Shadow), Rihanna (DJ) and more.

It isn’t known whether obtaining a Maltipoo is just a trend, or possibly something bigger; perhaps a well organized plot by the seemingly harmless breed to take over the world, starting with its most vain, insecure, and rich inhabitants: young female celebrities. Here is more shocking evidence of celebrities obeying the Maltipoo:

Miley Cyrus Maltipoo

Maltipoo Controlling Miley Cyrus

rihanna maltipoo

Rihanna and her master

Blake Lively Maltipoo

Blake Lively obeys the Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan Maltipoo

Michelle Kwan dominated by Maltipoo

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Rihanna and DJ Oliver Make a Stylish Pair has pics of Rihanna and Chris Brown exiting their NYC hotel separately where the two then headed to a recording studio in the meatpacking district today. Rihanna is so cute and she pulls of the colored jeans look most people can’t.

What we wouldn’t give to see pics of Chris holding Rihanna’s dog, DJ Oliver but alas, no such shots this time.

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Rihanna Gets Oliver a Cut on Capital Hill

According the Seattle Times yesterday, when singer Rihanna checked in to the Alexis Hotel with a red toy poodle named Oliver, she asked where she could get her dog groomed. A hotel employee recommended Kristi’s Grooming Co. on Capitol Hill, which reportedly stayed open late to accommodate the singer. Rihanna was apparently pleased with the recommendation — she left the hotel employee a personal thank-you note on his desk.

We contacted Kristi’s Grooming and spoke to Kristi herself who happens to be an AKC judge and former dog handler. Experience she said, is helpful in giving precise cuts to dogs. We asked how it all went down and what kind of client Oliver was and here’s what she had to say:

I had the best groomer I have come from my other store to do the grooming for Rihanna. Her assistant brought Oliver over around 5pm which is short notice for a full service considering we close at 6pm but we like to accommodate people when we can. Rihanna gave her assistant very specific instructions over the phone which is helpful – he received what we call a teddy bear cut. She also asked us to brush his teeth but we suggested he didn’t need it done right now. She was slightly disappointed but we really don’t like to take people’s money for services not required. Oliver was really cute and very well behaved. We finished around 6:15pm. We were really happy to provide the service for Rihanna and Oliver.


DJ Oliver is OH SO BIG with Rihanna



The always stylish and gorgeous Rihanna (who really seemed to have increased her wattage power with that short cut) lunched at the eatery Chin Chin on April 9th with an assistant and her best friend of the furry variety, DJ Oliver. Later the two went to Starbucks for an iced tea and a recording studio in Burbank.

Doesn’t Oliver look much bigger than he did just a few days ago? Maybe he was recently groomed and is fluffier! 😆

Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna