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Famous Boston Terriers


Rose McGowan Boston Terriers

Rose McGowan - Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers – Besides being the state dog of Massachusettes, Boston Terriers can also lay claim to being the first American dog breed recognized by the AKC. They’ve been a popular breed for many years in America and abroad, and have been the breed of choice for several celebrities, and even a U.S. president.

Famous Boston Terriers: A Boston Terrier / Pit Bull mix named, “Sergeant Stubby” was a decorated American WWI hero. Known for warning American soldiers against poisonous gas and imminent attacks, he was the mascot of the 102nd infantry. (he actually was promoted to the rank of “Sergeant”) Boston Terriers have owned former President Warren G. Harding and Helen Keller, as well celebrities including:

Famke Janssen (x-men) – Licorice
Rose McGowan – Fester (R.I.P.) & Bug
LeAnn Rimes – Harley
Allison Sweeny (Biggest Loser Host) – Winky
Joan Rivers – Lulu (R.I.P.)

More about Boston Terriers: Boston Terrier’s were originally bred as fighting dogs from a mix of Old English Bulldog and the English White Terrier. Bostons are part of the Non-Sporting group in the AKC, and because of their relatively large head size, like Bulldogs they are usually born via c-section.

sergeant stubby

Sergeant Stubby

Although known for being one of the more gassy dog breeds, (who can vouch for this!?) they have still retained the nickname of “The American Gentlemen.” Because of their short snouts, Boston Terriers are not fond of hot weather, and are known for snoring and grunting. Next time you are in Floydada, Texas, be sure to stop by theΒ Boston Terrier Museum.



In Memoriam Celebrity Dogs 2010

cesar milan daddy

rose mcgowan dog

Rose McGowan's Boston Terrier, Bug

Cesar Milan’s pack leader, “Daddy” was one of a number of celebrity dogs that we lost in 2010. John Travolta, Kelly Osborne, Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, and others also lost canine companions in 2010.

Although most of these dogs lived a long, happy life, there were also unexpected tragedies as well.

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