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Tea Leoni at the Beach

Tea Leoni on the beach

Update: CDW reader, Jen just sent us this informative tidbit below – thanks Jen!

That’s her husband David Duchovny‘s dog, whose name is Blue. She’s about 13 years old now. He adopted her waaay back at the beginning of The X-files. There’s tons of cute pics and articles of Duchovny with Blue out there. She used to hang out on The X-files set with him and learned to stop panting when they said ‘action!'”

Well hello hot mama! Tea Leoni looks great doesn’t she? There’s a soaked canine spotted with her along the beach in Malibu on Memorial Day but we always thought she had Greyhounds. Hmmmmmm maybe the pooch decided to join her for part of her walk!


Tea Leoni with Kids & Pet Pooch


This is a rare photo. We rarely see Tea Leoni candids but if you’re patient, you’ll eventually see one and sometimes a really cute one, like this of Tea and her kids, Madelaine and Kyd (not sure who the third kid is, a friend we’re assuming).

We couldn’t find much info about the dog other than its a rescued greyhound. Tea Leoni fans, help us out here!

[Thanks to Gina for sending us this photo]