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A Getaway for Fido: The 5 Most Luxurious Dog-Friendly Resorts

You should always have your dog by your side if you want to fully enjoy your get-away. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the big city or the great outdoors – as long as you know which dog-friendly resorts to stay at, there’s no reason not to bring your dog with you!

Not sure which dog-friendly hotel to book? (That’s a good, first-world problem to have!) 

Here are five of the top dog-friendly places to stay within the United States.

1. The Ritz Carlton New York

ritz carlton room

It’s no secret that the Ritz in NYC is one of the best Big Apple hotels and high-end American hotels hands-down. This is a favorite hotel of many celebrities and their pups, and the staff does a great job of making everyone feel like they’re on the A-list, too.

You can trust your dog will get the top-notch treatment at this resort. They even get aromatherapy and homemade dog treats. Oh, and if there’s rain, there are plenty of Burberry dog coats available for rent.

2. Mandarin Oriental

mandarin oriental nyc

Up next on the list is Mandarin Oriental. There are a few of these around the US, but the most dog-friendly are in Atlanta and Miami. Four-legged guests get the full treatment here.

They have their own dog bed and water bowl in their room and they get house-made organic dog treats upon arrival. The staff goes as far as to leave a doggy dental kit for each pet and an assortment of toys for the dog’s enjoyment.

3. The Little Nell

apen little nell

If you’re headed to Aspen anytime soon, (by the way, how’s your Aspen, anyway?) be sure to stay in The Little Nell. Dogs don’t just get treats when they arrive, there’s also a full dog menu for owners to choose from throughout theirs and their pet’s stay.

Valets are available to walk your dogs if you have a full day planned, or, you can opt to take your dog up the mountain with you on the gondola during the summer months. Either way, you can be sure your dog is going to have a great time!

4. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe hyatt

Lake Tahoe may not pop out in your mind as one of the top celebrity vacation spots, but it’s actually a great weekend getaway for people who live in the Hollywood Hills. Tahoe is close enough to go last-minute and exciting enough that you’ll never be bored no matter what time of year it is.

As far as A-list pet treatment goes, the best place to stay in Tahoe is the Hyatt Regency. The hotel thinks of everything from easy access for dogs to do their business to welcome treats and puppy pillows.

5. Calistoga Ranch

calistoga ranch

Last but not least, Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley. This hotel sits on over 150 acres and it’s surrounded by forestry. It’s basically any dog’s dream!

There are plenty of trails for you to explore with your dog and a huge lake to splash around in (weather permitting). You get a glass of wine upon arrival and your dog gets their own bed, a bag of treats, and water bowls for the room. The coolest thing about staying at Calistoga, though, is the scent-and-search scavenger hunt created just for dogs!

The Best Dog-Friendly Resorts All Over the World

It’s one thing to discover the best dog-friendly resorts that are close to home and another to travel with your dog overseas. The next time you’re booking a trip to London or Paris or wherever you’re headed, think about bringing your dog along, too.

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smartest dog breeds

The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds (Canine Honor Roll!)

The American Kennel Club currently recognized 190 different breeds of dogs that are fantastic companions, there’s no doubt about it. But our furry friends are also quite a bit more intelligent than we often give them credit for.

Keep reading to learn more about the 10 smartest dog breeds and see if your pooch made the list!

Shiba Inu

shiba inu smart dog

Smartest dog breeds: Shiba Inu – Photo credit Jae Lee via Unsplash

Shiba Inus are some of the most adorable dogs out there. They’re full of personality and have massive, fluffy coats that made them the stuff of Internet legends.

But what a lot of would-be Shiba owners don’t know is how incredibly stubborn and intelligent they are. This can make them a pain to train, to say the least.

To put it bluntly, a Shiba Inu isn’t going to do anything it doesn’t want to do. So expect a lot of battles with your fur baby as you start your training journey and make sure you stick to your guns and don’t let them feel as if they’re in control.

Golden Retriever

Smartest Dog Breeds: Golden Retriever

Smartest dog breeds: Golden Retriever, Photo credit: Tanner Vines via Unsplash

Few dogs have worked their way into the hearts of the world quite like golden retrievers. These adorable pups are as cuddly as they are loyal.

However, they’re so much smarter than most people give them credit for.

The relationship between retrievers and man is centuries-old, dating back to a cross-breeding between retrievers (which were typically used as hunting dogs) and water spaniels.

The result was the adorable breed we know and love today. While most retrievers aren’t used for hunting, they’re still quite good at…well, retrieving, as you probably know if you’ve ever engaged your pup in a game of fetch.

Of course, their intelligence doesn’t stop them from acting silly on a regular basis.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd smartest dog breed

German Shepherd smartest dog breed: Christoph Schmid via Unsplash

Of all the best dog breeds you’ll see on this list, German shepherds are perhaps the least surprising inclusion. If you’ve spent more than a few moments with one, you’ll know why.

They’re among the kindest, gentlest, most loyal dogs you’ll come across. This makes them the perfect choice for joining police forces or acting as service animals.

However, they’re also quite excitable and can be tough to train. New owners’ best bet is to get a young puppy or an old retired police dog, as they’re quite stubborn once they’re set in their ways.

And though they get to be quite big, you’ll soon discover that they’re little more than adorable, big babies.


standard poodle smartest dog

standard poodle smartest dog. Photo credit: digitalskennedy via Pixabay

Poodles are often seen as a sign of class and sophistication. But these tiny geniuses actually got their start performing in circuses across the globe, according to Genuine Collars.

It’s precisely because of their heritage that they make for a solid choice for new pet owners.

Poodles have all of the intelligence of, say, a retriever without any of the stubborn tendencies.

They’re also quite calm and collected most of the time. You’re not going to see a poodle that’s as excitable as a Labrador, so expect your poodle pup to be quite low maintenance.

Just please don’t dye your poodle’s fur, no matter how much you love your football team.

Australian Shepherd

australian shepherd smartest breed

Sharing a similar lineage to retrievers, shepherds are some of the smartest and gentlest dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure of coming across.

If you’re considering adopting from the shepherd family, you’ll want to consider picking up an Aussie pup. They’re fast learners making them easy to train, and their good-natured attitude makes them a breeze to live with.

Border Collie

border collie smartest dog

Border collies are so bright that one dog recognizes over 1,000 words in the English language.

That’s quite a bit more than your standard, “Sit” and “Stay” commands, to say the least!

Training collies can be a bit of a challenge, however. Though they’re smart, they’re extremely excitable, making the training process more of a challenge than most new owners have an interest in.

Still, if you have the time (and patience) or have experience training pups in the past, border collies make for great snuggle buddies at the end of a hard day and get along great with children.


papillon smart dog

papillon smartest dog – Photo SergVG via Pixabay

French for “Butterfly”, papillon pups are part of the toy breed along with Pomeranians, chihuahuas, and certain types of poodles.

And like their counterparts, they’re graceful little bundles of energy.

Though they’re great lap dogs, their intelligence makes them fantastic play partners.

Australian Cattle Dog

australian cattle dog smart

Australian Cattle Dog Smart: Photo marion802105 vis Pixabay

By this point, you’re likely seeing a recurring theme in our list. Shepherd dogs are brilliant animals, and Australian cattle dogs are no exception to that.

They’re fun, good-natured, and tend to get along quite well with children.

It’s important to note that there are some behaviors you’ll want to watch out for, however.

Namely, Australian cattle dogs have a bad habit of nipping people or other animals on the ankles.

It’s not necessarily their fault, as it’s a technique they picked up hundreds of years ago to wrangle cattle. Still, be forewarned — though they won’t nip hard, it can be a nuisance that you’ll need to work on.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

smart dog welsh corgi

smart dog welsh corgi – Photo: Pixabay

The low-riders of the animal kingdom, corgis are so popular and universally loved that Queen Elizabeth II has owned over 30 in her lifetime.

While most corgis don’t get the royal treatment, they still make for excellent dogs, as they’re super intelligent and remarkably responsive.

Siberian Husky

siberian husky smartest dog

Rounding out our list of the smartest and best dog breeds are huskies, a breed sure to give Shiba Inus a run for their money in terms of stubbornness.

While extremely cute, husky pups aren’t recommended for new trainers, as they often have a mind of their own.

Though they’re quite friendly, they’re not too keen on taking orders from anyone unless they’ve formed a bond first.

Is Your Pet’s Lineage Part Of The Smartest Dog Breeds?

As you can see from this list of the smartest dog breeds, so many types of dogs are good for more than just snuggling up (though that’s nice, too).

These 10 breeds are among the smartest out there, making ownership a rewarding if not challenging experience.

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dog hiking

5 Critical Things People Forget to Take When Hiking with Dogs

Hiking is an amazing way to connect with nature and with your dog. This simple exercise of strolling amidst nature away from the incessant barrage of notifications is gratifying, to say the least. A lot of people simply head off to a nearby hiking trail with their dogs without much thought. They pack the usual stuff such as food, water, and tent, but often forget a few very important things. These items are geared towards making the hike more enjoyable and safe for your dog. None of these items should be considered a luxury or optional. Each and every one of them is vital for any hiking trip, irrespective of duration and location. Without delay, following are 5 critical items people forget when hiking with dogs.

Dog Hiking Shoes:

Most pet dogs who are new to hiking face a difficult time walking for hours on gravelly paths and rough jungle trails. There is also the risk of them getting seriously injured if the accidentally step on something pointy or sharp. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of the wilderness with an injured pet. Be sure to pick out hiking boots for dogs. A lot of fancy dog shoes are for regular walks around the block and are thus not suited for hiking. It’s also a good idea to get your dog used to the shoes before the journey. This way you know for sure that the shoe fits well and is comfortable.

Flea and Tick Collar:

Forests areas provide a thriving atmosphere for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. These pesky bloodsuckers are more than just a nuisance. In fact, some of these parasites found in the wild may be carriers of deadly vector-borne diseases. For example, ticks found in the woods in America are often carriers of Lyme disease, which can lead to death in dogs. The simplest solution to all of these is a good quality flea and tick collar. We also recommend buying a product from a reputed manufacturer. Get something like the Flea Ticks Seresto Dogs collar, which protects your pet from fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and other insects.

Microchip and Regular ID Tag:

This again is a hiking necessity. Fit your dog’s collar with a regular identification tag. As recommended by a lot of pet experts and vets, it’s also important to microchip your dog by taking it to a vet’s clinic. This microchip will contain your contact information in case you get separated from your pet.

Portable Water Purifier:

While most people carry water bladders for hiking, they often forget to bring along a water purification unit. This simple gadget allows you to make water collected from streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes into safe drinking water for you and your dog. This again is not a luxury. Running out of water is a very real threat especially when you are traveling with your dog. This simple gadget can potentially save lives if things go wrong.

Strong and Long Leash:

A regular leash is often not suited for hiking. You need a durable leash that can withstand hours of tugs and vigorous pulls. It also makes sense to buy a long leash, because you want to give your dog a bit of freedom when out in the open.

Photo credit:

traveling with dog

5 Essential Things to Include in a Pet Travel Kit

Traveling with your pet is a great experience. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with each other and have fun seeing new places. However, it is something that you have to prepare for because pets such as dogs have special needs, and you need to take into consideration their utmost safety and comfort in your decision-making.

Whether you are bringing your dog with you on vacation or you are transporting him for practical reasons, being prepared means having a dedicated travel kit for your pet. You can keep this kit handy and ready for any last-minute decisions to hit the road. It saves a lot of time and helps you prevent leaving any essential items behind.

Here are the 5 things that your dog’s travel kit should contain:

Collar & Leash

These are important because they serve as your pet’s form of identification in case he gets lost. Make sure his name and your contact information are clearly indicated on his dog tag, and that the tag is securely attached to the collar. A personalized dog collar is also a nice way to establish ownership of your dog. For added convenience, it is also a great idea to keep a separate collar and leash set for travel, apart from the one your pet has for daily use at home.

Food & Water

Your dog should never go hungry when you are travelling. Make sure to pack enough food and water to last the trip. Don’t forget other foodstuff like his favorite treats or nibbles. Always keep food neatly packed in clean, airtight containers to avoid spoilage and keep water in a sealed bottle to prevent leakage – you don’t want to make a mess and add it to your worries while traveling.

Dog Bed or Carrier

Your dog should have a safe, warm, and comfortable place to stay and sleep in while away from home. Bring along his own bed or carrier, preferably one that folds up compactly for easier use while traveling. Alternatively, bring at least his favorite pillow or blanket, which can help him feel relaxed when staying in unfamiliar surroundings.

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Identification Records and Papers

Is your dog microchipped?

Even so, you should always have a copy of your dog’s records such as his registration, identification papers, and other documents such as his vaccination records and other medical history. These will come in handy just in case he gets separated from you, or if he encounters a health problem and you need to bring him to a local veterinarian. Keep a recent photo of your pet along with these records, or you can simply snap a pic on your phone to keep it handy.

Other Personal Items

Pack other essential things that your dog needs to feel safe and comfortable, such as his favorite toy. If you will be away for a long period of time, don’t forget to bring his towel, doggie shampoo, and other grooming accessories in case you need to give him a bath. Include other supplies like emergency medication, diapers, and underpads for house breaking in a new place, etc.

Misc: One of our dogs has seasonal allergies, so we make sure to carry a few allergy pills with us on a trip in the Spring or Summer!

Travel time with your pet

Most importantly, keep in mind how pet-friendly your destination will be. If you think your dog will have a difficult time due to the length of travel or the harsh local climate, it might be best not to bring him along. Does your dog get anxiety? If you will be travelling for an extended period of time without your pet, be sure to leave him with a trusted neighbor or caregiver—your pet travel kit will still come in handy in these instances.

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mastiff italian dog

3 Italian Dog Breeds That Are Popular With Celebrities

While biologists believe that humans have their origins in Africa, fossil evidence indicates that dogs first became man’s best friend in Europe.

To this day, European dog breeds represent some of the finest furry friends around.

Perhaps when you think of European dog breeds, your mind jumps to the French Poodle, the English Bulldog, or the German Dachshund.

But there are also several Italian dog breeds with unique features and spunky personalities. This makes them a popular choice among celebrities.

Let’s take a look at three popular Italian dog breeds. Keep an eye out for them when you’re spotting celebrities and their dogs!

The Italian Greyhound:

italian greyhound dog breed

The Italian greyhound is a smaller version of the standard greyhound. This makes them a popular choice for city dwellers. A small Italian greyhound could easily tag along with its master for some tours in Florence or a trip to Rome.

Scholars believe that Italian greyhounds have lived in the Mediterian for thousands of years. Ancient artwork often depicts these majestic-looking dogs living alongside people.

When Matt Damon isn’t playing Jason Bourne, he can be spotted with his Italian greyhounds. Likewise, SNL’s Seth Meyers is also a proud dog father to one of these fine pups.

If you’re thinking about adopting an Italian greyhound, make sure you like to walk.

These dogs are very energetic and like to get their exercise by walking and running.

The Maltese:

maltese dog italian

Most people don’t realize that the Maltese is an ancient Italian dog breed.

Despite its name, scholars believe that the Maltese originated from the Sicilian town of Melita, rather than the island of Malta. It is also believed that these small dogs were bred to hunt rats and mice.

These days, however, most Malteses spend their time getting belly rubs on their owners’ laps, rather than chasing down mice.

Celebrities like Halle Berry and Anna Nichole Smith are often seen carrying these fluffy little dogs around. Despite their pampered lifestyles, Malteses tend to be very intelligent dogs, and are usually affectionate with their owners.

The Mastiff:

mastiff italian dog

Mastiffs are famous for being massive dogs with very wrinkly faces and bodies. Due to their size and intimidating expressions, they are often used as guard dogs.

Like the Italian Greyhound, the Mastiff is also believed to be fairly ancient, dating back at least 1000 years. Historically, these dogs were used in war by the Roman army.

This breeding is part of what makes them such good protectors in the modern day.

But don’t let their severe faces fool you. Celebs like Jon Bon Jovi and Christina Aguilera are often seen with their affectionate Mastiffs.

Nowadays, these dogs much prefer to lounge around and be doted on!

Beyond Italian Dog Breeds

These Italian dog breeds are certainly popular in Hollywood. They’re absolutely adorable when spotted with their loving owners. But let’s not stop there!

If you love celebrities and their dogs, we’ve got you covered. You can start out with this list of celebrity French bulldogs. Make sure to let us know about your favorite celebrity dogs in the comments!

french bulldog being walked

How To Walk Your Dog Like These Celebrity Dog Lovers

We all can’t be rich and famous, taking our canine companions to celebrity dog resorts or hiring architects for custom-built dog houses.

But we can, with a little planning and the right attitude, emulate the richest and most famous celebrity dog lovers during daily walks.

And here’s how to do it.

What You Should Wear

There is no official dog walking outfit. But if there was, would it involve workout gear or jeans?

Judging by what celebrity dog lovers wear, it’s too close to call. Either way, it seems that casual is the new glamorous when walking the family pooch.

Try wearing ordinary pants, shorts, or a skirt. They can be made of denim, spandex, cotton, leather, or any other material. Aim for solid or neutral tones.

Now for the trick of creating the casual glam of celebrity dog lovers out for a walk: go upscale with your top or shoes. Not both.

For example, wear Converse high-tops with jeans. Then pair them with a tailored blouse or trim T-shirt and well-fitting blazer.

Or do the reverse. On top, wear a simple T-shirt and hoodie but on your feet rock a pair of Olivela designer sandals.

To create a full-out glamorous dog-walking outfit, women can wear silhouette dresses or sport luxurious jewelry.

If it’s raining or snowing, choose coats and footwear that say you understand practicality but won’t give up on style.

And if you want to look like a celebrity who doesn’t want to be recognized while walking the dog, sunglasses, scarves, and hats are go-to accessories that are always in fashion.

Whatever you do, get inspiration from celebrity dog-walking outfits then change one thing to make it your own.

Fun: *99 Great French Bulldog names!

What Your Dog Should Wear

Celebrities know that they aren’t the only one out for a walk. Their canine friend also needs to make a good impression.

How to do that falls into two categories: With clothing and without.

Celebrities who tend to dress their pups include Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Paris Hilton. If you want to follow their lead, find garments that are the right size and reflect the animal’s personality, not yours.

Many people believe it’s also important to match the style of clothing to the breed. Chihuahuas in leather jackets can work but Great Dane’s in tutus can be considered gauche.

If you’re among those who believe a dog’s fur is their best outfit, you can still accessorize. Choose collars and leashes that reflect the setting or your dog’s personality.

For example, on a bright early spring day, opt for a leaf green collar or leash with flowers on it. If you’re taking your dog with you to an outdoor evening event, rhinestones or gold could be the answer. Collars that match your outfit is a visual clue to how much you love your canine friend.

To create a more classic look, give your dog a narrow leather collar. The addition of a colorful bandanna can add a timeless sense of fun.

As for footwear, do what’s best for your dog. In colder climates, small breeds can develop sore feet if they don’t have protection. Make sure they fit well and provide some traction.

What To Carry

Yes, even celebrity dog lovers need to carry poop bags. But they know how to carry them with style.

Ladies can sport a small, across-the-body purse or carry a sophisticated tote bag.

Gents are more likely to carry supplies in their pockets. Although, some famous guys like Hugh Jackman and Brad Pitt find courier-style shoulder bags useful.

Some dogs aren’t big enough to handle long walks. For those situations, there’s a wide range of over-the-shoulder dog carriers. Puppy gets a view of the action but doesn’t have to do any of the work!

And, it seems that most celebs have a smartphone in their hand when walking their dog. Maybe you’re already more like a celebrity than you think!

Best Leash Type?

You’ll also want to decide between a regular leash or a retractible one. It’s a personal preference, although retractible has its advantages in the city where you want to keep your dog close. You can do some research by reading retractible dog leash reviews on a number of sites including Amazon & Petco, which list user reviews under most of the products.

Where to Go

The destination is an important part of the walk for celebrity dog lovers. Besides giving the pup a place to do their business, the location can create an image.

If you want to be seen as a relaxed, down-to-earth person, walks in the park, in a ravine, or along a beach are perfect.

To convey a more corporate, time is money sensibility, stick to busy urban streets and parkettes.

Family walks are best suited to wider, suburban streets and parks with playgrounds. But people who are single and looking might want to take Fido with them as they shop and do errands.

Walking Routines of Celebrity Dog Lovers

There’s no way to know for certain but it appears that walking routines are difficult for celebrities to maintain. Travel is a necessary part of work for most well-known actors and musicians.

It’s common for celebrities to have professional dog walkers on standby.

But if you don’t have that problem, the celebrity dog walking routine you might want to follow comes from Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer. Many famous people have followed his tips for dog walking and made the daily activity better for everyone.

A Last Thought

When the spotlight is off, many celebrities are like us. They care deeply for their pets and do what they can to keep them happy and healthy.

But when the spotlight is on, celebrities offer a valuable lesson about walking our dogs. Be confident, dress in your own style, and above all else, be proud of your pup.

How about you? Do people think you’re a celebrity by the way you walk your dog? Share your stories of paparazzi-worthy dog walks. Or if you’ve seen celebrities walking their dogs, what did you learn from them?