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Demi Moore Feeds the World One Whale At a Time!





 Actress Demi Moore visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA with her nephews June 18th, 2009 and got up-close and personal with a Beluga whale!

She helped feed one and kissed another.  And remarked that the fish don’t smell bad; but their food stinks, LOL!

Demi is immersed in helping to end hunger in America, having directed a video for Kelloggs Cares in their Fighting to End Hunger campaign.  You can see the video HERE.

I wonder if the Beluga got pics to show his friends that he really kissed her!


Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything….




Here’s a washing machine – for cats and dogs. The Dog-O-Matic, a carwash-style device to keep pets smelling fresh, was invented by Frenchman, Romain Jarry.
Now the 31-year-old, who insists the machine is not cruel, hopes to export it around the world after dog and cat owners flocked to use it in his home town of St Max. He said: “It doesn’t take long to wash the dog – usually a few minutes. “The longest part is the drying. The dogs don’t seem to get bored.”Owners place their pets inside the machines, much as they would with dirty laundry.
The animals are soaked with water thanks to a special hydro-massage system that pumps out jets of water at 32 degrees Celsius.
Special mild dog shampoo – similar to baby shampoo – is used to avoid stinging eyes. The drying cycle lasts about 25 minutes. It costs about $20 USD to wash a small dog, $35 USD for a medium size dog, and up to $50 USD for the largest, or dirtiest dogs. Cats can also be washed – at the small-dog price.

Pictured: The Dog-o-Matic in action

“The dogs don’t seem to get bored”???? Really? No kidding…they’re probably terrified and scared out of their minds if it sounds anything like the automated car washes I’ve been to!!!  You could probably charge admission if you put your cat in there! Yikes, I don’t know….I’m pretty sure none of my animals would be happy about this!

What about yours? Would you try this out on your own pets?

SPL105134_002  SPL105134_003


Photo Credit: Splash News