Venus Williams

Venus Williams Shares Victory with Pooch

by CDW Contributor Kelly on August 30th, 2007

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Venus Williams

A few more wins and maybe the U.S. Open will become Venus Williams‘ pet tournament.

Shortly after her second-round victory Wednesday, Williams walked toward the locker room carrying a big purse. It was a doggie bag – but it didn’t hold food.

Inside, was Harold, a 5-month-old Havanese she got following her win at Wimbledon. When Williams loosened a side flap, the pooch’s head popped out, startling some people standing near her.

“He’s so cute,” she cooed.

Williams and sister Serena are huge dog lovers. Venus has a pair of Cavalier King Charles spaniels; Serena has a Jack Russell terrier and a Maltese.

Dying for a pic of Harold! We’re all over this and contacting her reps.