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CBD Oil for Dogs – How Can It Help?

CBD, popularly known as cannabidiol oil is basically a chemical compound that‘s extracted from the buds and stems of the hemp plant. In fact, most people think that the oil is extracted from marijuana. Although hemp and cannabis are closely related, the variance in their properties is very huge. Research carried out by scientists over […]

cat litter box

4 Tips for Using an Automatic Cat Litter Box

An automatic cat litter box or a self-cleaning box is a necessary tool for people with cats. It provides an appropriate place, which is private, for dumping waste-whether urine or feces- for the cat. The owner can enjoy numerous benefits with it since he or she does not have to touch the cat’s waste when […]

shih tzu bag

4 Tips to Caring for a Small Dog

The most common reaction when people see a small dog is, “how adorable”, and they are. This might motivate you to get one yourself. Before investing in a small dog, it is essential to note that the care of a small dog is different from that given to a big one. For example, the attention […]

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7 Rabbit Care Tips: Make Your Pet Feel Like Some Bunny Special

It’s estimated that there are anywhere from three to seven million rabbits living in the United States as pets. And, of course, there are a lot more out there living in the wild. If you’re thinking of adding yourself to these lucky ranks, you’ll need to learn some rabbit care tips. Once you see what […]

dog sleeping bed

Sleeping with Dogs: 5 Surprising Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea

It’s bedtime, and your whole family is ready to head off for a cozy night of rest…including the four-legged family members. Before you let Fido hop onto your bed, is it really a good idea? As many as 73% of dog owners say they let their pup sleep on their bed at least sometimes. That […]

puppy house floor

New Puppy Preparation: How to Get Your House Ready

Are you adding a furry new member to the family? Like when you have a baby, your house needs preparation to ensure its safe for the little one. Puppies have a knack for destroying chair legs and peeing on the carpet. Is your house safe? You can prevent mishaps like these by putting some solutions […]