5 of the Most Outrageous Dog Outfits (You Have to See #2!)

Harper’s Bazaar has a list of the most outrageous celebrity dresses of all time. Included in the list are Beyonce’s barely there 2015 Met Ball gown, Miley Cyrus’ Buzz Lightyear costume for the 2015 MTV VMAs, and Lady Gaga’s meat dress for the 2010 MTV VMAs. But as impressive as these dresses are, they simply can’t beat […]

katy perry dog

5 Celebrity Dogs With Cooler Style Than You

The era of celebrity baby fashion is over (we were getting tired of North West, anyway.)  What do the people really want? More coverage of fashion’s newest It Girls and Guys: celebrity dogs. Don’t be jealous of the incredible outfits and blinged-out collars on these four-legged friends. Let’s check out 5 famous dogs who make the sidewalk […]

fun dog haircut

Dog Hairstyles Worthy of the Red Carpet

It’s almost fall and that means fall fashions! While everyone loves breaking out the chunky sweaters and hiking boots, it’s important that you don’t forget about those who can be less fashion fortunate than you – your dog. It’s easy to help your furry best friend to be fashion forward with just a few snips. […]

dog accessories

5 Popular Dog Accessories Your Pup Should Already Own

Thinking of getting a dog? Dogs are the absolute best. Your pet provides you with unconditional love, snuggles, and laughs. Therefore, it’s only fitting that they get the best in life, including the best dog accessories. With these accessories, you can give your pup the best in life while still living on a budget. Read […]

dog raw food diet

PAW-leo Puppy Diet: Trendy Dishes For Doggy Dining

Careful… Because the next time you spot a delicious-looking meal piled high with superfoods on your Instagram, as enticing as it looks, it might not be meant for you. It might for your pup. That’s right. The newest trend in doggy dining is referred to as PAW-leo. It is a puppy diet meant to keep real food in your […]

celebrity pet pig

Parrots to Pigs: 5 Super Cute Celebrity Pets You Need to Meet

Dogs aren’t the only adorable celebrity pets around. Here are five of our favorites (and their owners) that you need to meet. It’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States alone. While dogs and cats are usually the first things people think of when it comes to pets, there […]