beagle eating dog food

What’s the Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Food?

How are puppy and adult dog food different? If you’re in one of the 36.5% of US households that owns a dog, you’ll want to know the difference between puppy and adult dog food. Keeping a dog healthy and avoiding outstanding vet bills is a lot easier with the proper food. Dogs require rich nutrition […]

dog eat furniture

How to Dog-Proof Furniture (and Avoid Doggie Destruction!)

Here at Celebrity Dog Watcher, we think pets may as well count as people. Unfortunately, our beloved furry companions can often be more destructive than your average family member (we hope). According to Home Advisor, should a pet ruin your furniture, you can expect to pay between $170 and $442 for furniture repair. Of course, […]

dog luxury vacation

A Getaway for Fido: The 5 Most Luxurious Dog-Friendly Resorts

You should always have your dog by your side if you want to fully enjoy your get-away. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the big city or the great outdoors – as long as you know which dog-friendly resorts to stay at, there’s no reason not to bring your dog with you! Not sure […]

dog hugging cat

Puppy Companions: 10 Pets That Get Along Famously With Dogs

What pets get along best with dogs? Did you know the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes 190 various dog breeds? No matter their breeding, dogs are pack animals, and if you’re looking to increase the size of your home pack, you’re probably wondering which animals will get along best with your furry friend. We’ll help […]

lamby dog

Breaking Down the Drama Surrounding Lena Dunham’s Dog Lamby

Lena Dunham and her dog drama have been all over the news lately. She decided to rehome her dog of over four years, Lamby, and the internet is up in arms about it. There are varying accounts of why and how this rehoming happened. But what really went down? Read on the get the full […]