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Celebrity French Bulldogs + 99 Awesome Frenchie Name Ideas

Celebrities and famous people who own French Bulldogs + names: Frenchies are about the hottest dog breed choice with celebrities. This looks to be no passing fad, either, as celebrities like The Rock, Martha Stewart, and Lady Gaga look are often on their 2nd or 3rd French Bulldog.

Here are some famous French Bulldogs in Hollywood, plus, checkout our awesome male and female French Bulldog name ideas!

Hopefully you’ve found inspiration from what these celebrities have named their Frenchies. If not, here are some more puppy name ideas:

French Bulldog: Name Ideas for a BOY / Male

In looking to name your French Bulldog, why not consider popular French boy names and their meanings. These masculine names work equally well for Frenchies and humans alike:

  • french bulldog name idea boyAndre (means, “brave”)
  • Baron (“son of strength”)
  • Beaufort (beautiful fortress”)
  • Bennett (means, “blessed”)
  • Caine / Kane (“fighter”)
  • Campbell (“wry-mouthed”)
  • Cannon (“wolf cub”)
  • Corbin (“raven” – black Frenchie?)
  • Curtis (“polite & well-bred”)
  • Damien (“one who tames”)
  • Darrell
  • Delaney (“child of dark defiance”)
  • Durant (“enduring”)
  • Duval (“of the valley”) 
  • Edgard – (“wealthy man holding a spear”)
  • Edmund (“protector”)
  • Émile (“industrious”)
  • Emmanuel (“God with us”)
  • Eugène (means, “well-born” or “good”) 
  • Fernand – (“brave traveller”) 
  • Gerald – (“rule of the spear”)
  • Fitzgerald – (“son of Gerald”) 
  • Fletcher – (“Maker of arrows”)
  • Forrest – (“one who lives near a forest”)
  • Francois (means, “Frenchman”) 
  • Gaspar (“treasure”)
  • Gaston
  • Hamilton
  • Harvey (“blazing”)
  • french bulldog puppy girlHenry (“rules his household”)
  • Hugo / Hugh (“bright in mind, spirit”)
  • Jacques – (“supplanter, one who overthrows”) 
  • Jasper (“keeper of treasure”)
  • Javier
  • Jean-  (“gift from God”)
  • Lancelot (God-like”)
  • Leon (“lion”)
  • Marcel (“hammer”)
  • Maurice(“dark-skinned, Moorish”)
  • Maynard (“brave and strong”)
  • Nathaniel (“gift of God”)
  • Neville (“from the New village”)
  • Nicolas (“victor of the people”)
  • Normand / Normandy- (from the North”)
  • Oliver – (“peace / extending an olive branch”)
  • Orson – (“bear”)
  • Orval / Orville – (“gold town”)
  • Pascal – (“born on passover”)
  • Percival(“pierces the valley.” One of the nights of the Round Table who searched for the Holy Grail)  
  • Percy
  • Percival – (“pierces the valley,” knight of the Round Table)
  • Philippe – (“lover of horses”)
  • Pierre – (“stone or rock”)
  • Rémy – (“oarsman”)
  • Sébastien (“venerable, revered”)
  • Serge – (“protector, shepherd”)
  • Seymour
  • Tristan (“tumult, outcry”)
  • Vernon – (“full of life”)
  • Victor(“conqueror”)
  • Vincent – (“to conquer”)
  • Zacharie(“the Lord recalled”) 

French Bulldog Puppy Name Ideas for a GIRL / Female

Here are some feminine name ideas for your French Bulldog. Some are cute, but most of these feminine puppy names are based on popular french girl names:

  • lady gaga french bulldog asiaAdalene (means, “noble”) 
  • Adele – (“noble, kind”) 
  • Adrianna(“dark”)
  • Amélie(“hard working”)
  • Antoinette – (highly praiseworthy”)
  • Beau – (means “beautiful”)
  • Bella – (“beautiful, loving”)
  • Bernadette – (“bear-like, brave, strong”)
  • Bridgette (“power, strength, virtue”)
  • Cadence – (“rhythm and flow”)
  • Camille / Camilla – (“servant for the temple”)
  • Cecile – (“blind”)
  • Celeste – (“celestial, heavenly”)
  • Célia (“heavenly”)
  • Charlotte(“petite”)
  • Clara – (“bright or clear”)
  • Claudette
  • Coquette – (flirt)
  • Dominique – (“of the lord”)
  • Ella(“beautiful fairy”) 
  • Emile – (“industrious”) 
  • Esmée – (“esteemed, loved”)
  • Estelle (“star”)
  • Fae – (“confidence, belief”) 
  • Felicity (“happiness, luck”)
  • Floria – (“blooming, flowers”) 
  • Francine – (“free one”) 
  • Gabrielle – (“woman of God”)
  • Genevieve – (“white wave”) 
  • Georgine / Georgina – (“farmer”) 
  • Giselle – (“a pledge of peace”) 
  • Harriett(“rules her household”) 
  • Henrietta
  • Isabella, Isabelle – (“devoted to God”) 
  • Joli – (means “pretty”)
  • Josephine – (“May Jehovah add” / “addition to the family”) 
  • Juliette(“youthful”) 
  • Lisette – (“oath of God”) 
  • Lorraine
  • Louise – (“renowned warrior”)
  • Lucille (“French light”) 
  • Madeleine – (“elevated, magnificent”) 
  • Magnolia – (“type of flower”)
  • Margot, Marguerite  – (“pearl”)
  • Matilda – (“might, strength”) 
  • Nadine(“hope”) 
  • Nicolette – (“people of victory”) 
  • Noelle (“Christmas”)
  • Odette (“wealth”)
  • Paris
  • Pascale – (“relating to Easter”)
  • Paulette – (“small, humble”) 
  • Renée – (“reborn”) 
  • Reine – pronounced “ren” (means, “queen”)
  • Roselyn – (“red-haired”)
  • Roxanne(“dawn, bright”)
  • Simone – (“one who hears”) 
  • Stella – (Latin for “star”) 
  • Tempeste (like a storm!?) 
  • Tilda(“strength in battle”) 
  • Yvette – (“archer”) 
  • Zuri, Zuria – (“Swahili for “beautiful”) 

French Bulldog power Name Ideas

French Bulldogs are really tough, confident, and small. Therefore, why not give your Frenchie puppy a power name like:

  • napoleanNapolean
  • King Louis
  • Normandy
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Joan of Arc
  • (General) Rochambeau
  • (General Marquis de) Lafayette
  • Bruno
  • Buster
  • Maximus
  • Duchess
  • Zeus
  • Wolf

French Bulldog Name Ideas: French Artists

  • Cezanne
  • Chagall
  • cezanneDuchamp
  • Degas
  • Manet
  • Matisse
  • Monet
  • Renoir
  • Gaugin
  • Pissaro
  • Toulouse
  • Bazille
  • Seurat
  • Van Gogh

French Bulldog name ideas from French Writers

  • Balzac
  • Emile Zola
  • Jean-Paul
  • Albert Camus
  • Marcel Proust
  • Victor Hugo
  • Jules Verne
  • Voltaire
  • Rousseau

Cute French Bulldog Names Inspired by food

You could always go in the cute direction by naming your Frenchie puppy after a popular French pastry, bread, or food like:

  • baguette
  • brioche
  • croissant
  • parfait – means “perfect”
  • pepper
  • Peaches
  • Pistachio

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chrissy teigen french bulldogs

Chrissy Tiegen Looking Beautiful w/ Her Bulldogs on Instagram

chrissy tiegen bulldog

The nice thing about dogs is that they appreciate your love and attention no matter what you look like. Having said that, Chrissy Tiegen‘s (John Legend’s wife) dogs look pretty darn happy in the photos on her Instagram page.

Best Photos of Chrissy Tiegen With Her Dogs

If you follow Chrissy Tiegen on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of her dogs. Here are some of the best photos of her with her French Bulldog, named Pippa, and her Bulldog named Putty: (click to view larger)

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john legend bulldog video

John Legend: “All of Me” Bulldog Wedding Video

John Legend made this awesome music video for “All of Me” featuring his two dogs; a bulldog and french bulldog named Putty & Pippa.

So, why did John put his bulldogs in a wedding dress and tuxedo? Don’t worry, he didn’t go insane. (Although he does admit to being “out of his mind” in the song.

Actually, he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen made this video for charity. Watch the video, and you can enter a contest for the chance to have John Legend sing at your own wedding or event!

Never knew he and his wife were so funny! (nice comedic timing, too) Anyway, the charity, Omaze, is raising funds to build a new high school auditorium in John’s hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

john legend bulldogs

John Legend walking his dogs named Pippa and Putty (to get in wedding-shape?)