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Sleeping with Dogs: 5 Surprising Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea

It’s bedtime, and your whole family is ready to head off for a cozy night of rest…including the four-legged family members. Before you let Fido hop onto your bed, is it really a good idea?

As many as 73% of dog owners say they let their pup sleep on their bed at least sometimes. That doesn’t mean it’s without its problems, though. Here’s why you might want to think twice about sleeping with dogs.

The Downsides to Sleeping with Dogs

If you’re debating whether it’s time to find a bed for your dog (like those from Chewy.com or Barky-Dog.com?) instead of sharing your own bed, here’s what you need to know.

#1. Losing an Allergen-Free Zone

As many as three in ten people have documented allergies to pet dander. That number doesn’t take into account the number of people who have mild allergy symptoms. These people either learn to live with their allergies or they don’t even realize their pet might be the problem.

In reality, it’s surprising how many people get some level of irritation from their pet’s dander. Between the dander and any dirt or debris your dog brings to bed with him, it’s no surprise that the pup can irritate your airway as you sleep.

If your body is struggling with allergies while you’re trying to sleep, your sleep won’t be as restful as it should be. Keeping pets out of the bed could eliminate or reduce that problem.

#2. Trouble Setting Behavioral Limitations

While letting your dog sleep on the bed isn’t guaranteed to cause behavioral problems, it can contribute in some circumstances. This is most often the case if your dog struggles to recognize your authority.

Another potential issue arises for people who don’t allow their dogs on other pieces of furniture like couches. If the couch is off-limits but the bed isn’t, you can understand why that could confuse your pup.

#3. Possible Sleep Disruptions

The possible allergy issue is just one of the many ways sleeping with dogs can disrupt your sleep. Fido might be a more restless sleeper than you realize, disturbing your sleep throughout the night.

The same is true for your beloved pup as well. You’ll wake them up every time you toss and turn or get up to use the bathroom. Just like with humans, a dog’s mental and physical health can suffer if they don’t get enough sleep.

#4. Higher Risk for Spreading Illness

This used to be the top reason doctors advised against letting your pet sleep in your bed. Pets can carry plenty of illnesses that may spread to humans, like fleas, ticks, and ringworm, to name a few. Sleeping side by side will prolong your exposure and your risk of getting sick.

Keep in mind that this risk isn’t as big as doctors once thought it to be. However, it’s still a problem for people with weakened immune systems or those who are already sick.

#5. Comfy Sleep for All

It comes down to this question: is sleeping with dogs worth the risks? You love your pup and you want them to feel happy and loved at all times. They can get that same joy from their own personal bed too, though.

To take other steps to keep your pet healthy and happy, check out some great pet product coupons.

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5 Popular Dog Accessories Your Pup Should Already Own

Thinking of getting a dog? Dogs are the absolute best. Your pet provides you with unconditional love, snuggles, and laughs.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that they get the best in life, including the best dog accessories. With these accessories, you can give your pup the best in life while still living on a budget.

Read on for some of best accessories you can buy to spoil your furry friend.

5 Popular Dog Accessories Your Pup Should Already Own:

1. Custom Dog Tags

shutterfly dog tag hello name

While it’s a little difficult to get creative with your dog’s collar and leash, you can still spruce things up a bit. Aside from getting them a colorful collar and leash to match their playful personalities, they’ll need a great dog tag to match.

It’s important for your pup to have their dog tags on them at all times in case they get lost, but that’s not to say you can’t have some fun with it. Customize your pup’s tags with a tiny message, their name, and your contact info.

And if you’re bored of the standard circular or bone-shaped tags, you’re in luck! You can find tons of cute, custom dog tags online for a reasonable price.

2. A Cozy Crate

For some dogs, their crate is like a prison. But with a bit of training and the right dog crate, their crate can become a lush palace.

Make sure that you purchase the right crate for your dog’s breed. After all, you can’t expect a Husky to fit in a crate made for a Pomeranian.

Be sure to consult a chart of dog crate sizes to make sure you’re getting the right storage for your pup. With the right amount of training (and treats, for that matter), your dog’s crate time can prevent separation anxiety and stress.

3. A Great Dog Bed

Whether you place it in their crate or in the living room (let’s be honest, both) your dog is going to need a great bed. Sure, you could pick up a standard dog bed.

But your pup deserves something way better for their naps!

Consider picking up a dog bed made from memory foam material. It’s soft, comfortable, and you can even give them a few pillows! They even make special dog beds if your pup suffers from arthritis.

4. Custom Food and Water Bowls

dog bowl

Now that your four-legged friend is rested from a refreshing nap, it’s the best time of day — feeding time! Plastic or ceramic bowls are certainly options, but to pamper your pooch, think bigger.

There are tons of easy ways to customize your pup’s bowls, from engraving their name on it to include a photo. Your only real limitation is your imagination.

Don’t forget to check out our previous list for a quick rundown on the best dishes.

5. Treats!

No article of dog accessories would be complete without a mention of treats. Since your dog deserves the best, why not spoil them every now and then?

Plus, these are key for positive reinforcement for any kind of dog training.

Within the last few years, the treat industry started focusing on gourmet treats. Now you can pick up all sorts of treats from healthy to savory. And don’t forget the peanut butter!

Wrap Up

With these 5 dog accessories, your dog can enjoy living the high life, and you can enjoy pampering them. Did we miss anything? Don’t forget to comment below and let us know what your pooch cannot live without.

Now, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go play with your dog!