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Dog Food vs. Fresh Dog Food: 3 Facts that You Should Know

Are you a dog owner? If yes, then you have probably faced the dilemma of choosing food for your beloved dog. You constantly have to choose between over-the-counter dog food and fresh food. Both types have their own pros and cons depending on different factors.

For instance, if you are on a trip, over-the-counter dog food may be more practical. On the other hand, when at home, you can always order fresh food for your dog. There are many other situations where each of these foods is more ideal than the other.

To make you better informed about them, here are 3 facts that you should know about dog food vs. fresh dog food.

1. Fresh dog food is more customized to your dog’s needs

All dog food is made by qualified nutritionists. However, as a dog owner, you know what your dog loves most. That’s where fresh dog food comes into play. Fresh food suppliers like NomNomNow actually allow you to suggest ingredients for your dog’s food.

This means that if you have some special ingredients that you would want to feed your dog, you can have them incorporated. That’s something that you can’t get from dog food bought directly off the shelf. (Check out this NomNomNow review for more information on their fresh foods.)

Nonetheless, off-the-shelf dog food is useful too. It is usually made by dog food experts and is approved by authorities. As such, it has all the nutrients that your dog needs.

2. Carb levels matter a lot

While carbs are not necessarily bad for dogs, they are not the best, and it would be best to avoid them in dog food. That’s why most dog foods are grain free. To keep your dog healthy and happy, make sure the dog food you go for is grain-free, regardless of whether you buy it ready-made, or it is fresh-made.

This is key to giving your dog the best, and ensuring that it stays healthy, and lives longer. Doing this is easy since, with ready dog food, you can simply read the label and determine its ingredients. As for fresh dog food, either recommend the ingredients, or go for fresh food suppliers that have experience with dog food.

3. Fresh dog food doesn’t need measuring

One of the best things about fresh food from companies like NomNomNow is that, it doesn’t require measuring. It is prepackaged and all you have to do is serve it to your dog. This makes it quite a nice package for a dog owner looking to give their dog a nice fresh serving that is also healthy.

However, when serving your dog off-the-shelf food, it would be best to measure it. That’s because, off-the-shelf dog foods are mass-produced and are not customized for a specific dog. However, they do have instructions on how to feed your dog, and you won’t struggle with setting up the amount your dog needs.

Clearly, both fresh dog foods and those bought off-the-shelf have their unique advantages. The key thing is to go for one that meets your dog’s needs at that particular moment. What matters is your dog’s health and happiness.

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What’s the Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Food?

How are puppy and adult dog food different? If you’re in one of the 36.5% of US households that owns a dog, you’ll want to know the difference between puppy and adult dog food. Keeping a dog healthy and avoiding outstanding vet bills is a lot easier with the proper food.

Dogs require rich nutrition just as we do to live long and healthy lives. Without the proper nutrients, your dog or pup could suffer from symptoms like fatigue or sluggishness and can develop degenerative diseases.

Read on to understand the differences between puppy food and adult dog food so you can make the healthiest choices for your furry friend.

The Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Food

Many new dog owners wonder if you can feed a puppy regular dog food. I mean, how different can the two kinds of dog food be? Well, they can be very different.

If you haven’t talked with your dog’s vet, here are some quicks facts on dog food you should know.


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Puppy Food

Just as humans have dietary suggestions based on a percentage, pets have their own official recommendation. While the two types of food seem very close to each other in nutritional value, you’ll notice that puppies typically need more protein.

Puppies grow a lot faster than babies do, and so they need a lot of protein early on to help build lasting muscle and tissue. It’s also likely that puppy foods are higher in healthy fat to help urge growth along and provide filling meals.

In general, puppies use up a lot more energy than a fully grown dog. This requires their food to be calorie-packed to keep up with their growing bodies.

Adult Dog Food

An adult dog will still need fats and proteins to keep up their health and fuel them with energy. However, since the body isn’t growing, there’s less focus on fats and proteins in their food.

Instead, the focus is shifted to vitamins and nutrients for sustenance and maintenance. You’ll want to nourish your grown dog with ingredients like oats, carrots, and kelp in addition to chicken and healthy grains.

Invest in a quality feed like Royal Canin, Hill Science Diet, or Black Hawk dog food to ensure your adult dog retains its good health for years to come.

When to Switch from Puppy Food and Adult Dog Food

Long before you get a puppy, you should do research on the breed and what to expect in the months (and years) to come. This is especially important because not every breed ages the same way or requires the same nutrition.

Switching from puppy food to adult food is typically suggested once your dog reaches 80% of its final body weight. Some smaller breeds should switch over after 9 months, while other larger breeds may need 12-18 months to reach goal weight.

Celebrity Dog News and Pet Resources

Understanding the difference between puppy and adult dog food will help you keep up with your pet’s growing health. Talk with a veterinarian or spend some time on Google learning the life stages of your dog and when you should switch foods.

Looking for entertaining celebrity dog news and pet resources to give your K-9 the ultimate life? Check out the blogs at the Celebrity Dog Watcher today to learn more!

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Blue Buffalo: Extra 20-25% Off Coupons

Blue Buffalo dog food is an example of the old saying that, “you get what you pay for.” Sure you can find cat and dog food at less than half the price of Blue Buffalo, but if you want to give your dog the best, healthy, grain-free food, consider Blue Buffalo.

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