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The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, Brings His Dog on a Date

ben flajnik dog

Ben Flajnik with his dog & date, Courtney

ben flajnik dog

Ben Flajnik's dog, Scotch

Ben Flajnik, aka “The Bachelor,” was happy to bring his dog on a date in his hometown of Sonoma, California. Apparently his dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named, “Scotch,” (why would a winemaker name his dog, Scotch!?) approved of date Courtney Robertson, but did begin to howl as Flajnik moved in for a kiss. “You’re ruining the moment, Buddy,” he replied to the dog.

When Courtney, a model, mentioned that Scotch was heavier than he looked, Ben replied, “He’s a little over 20 pounds… When he stays at Grandma’s house, he puts on a few lb’s.”

We’re hoping that Flajnik brings his dog on more dates, as no one is a better judge of true character than a dog!

You can watch Scotch accompany Ben on his date below:



Mariah Carey Loves Her Jack Russell Terriers

mariah carey jack russell terrier

Mariah's Jack Russell Terrier, Jill E. Beans

New mom Mariah Carey is trying to lose her post-baby weight, and her Jack Russell Terrier, named Jill E. Beans, is helping out.

Mariah recently tweeted a photo of Jill E. Beans joining her in the pool for some water aerobics last week. She also has four other Jack Russell Terriers: Cha Cha, Squeak E. Beans, JJ, and Jackie Lambchops. (nice names, Mariah!)

The dogs also join Mariah on jogs, in the bathtub, and even surfing.

mariah carey dog bathtub

Mariah & Dog in Bathtub

mariah carey dogs surf

Mariah surfing doggy-style

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