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A Getaway for Fido: The 5 Most Luxurious Dog-Friendly Resorts

You should always have your dog by your side if you want to fully enjoy your get-away. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to the big city or the great outdoors – as long as you know which dog-friendly resorts to stay at, there’s no reason not to bring your dog with you!

Not sure which dog-friendly hotel to book? (That’s a good, first-world problem to have!) 

Here are five of the top dog-friendly places to stay within the United States.

1. The Ritz Carlton New York

ritz carlton room

It’s no secret that the Ritz in NYC is one of the best Big Apple hotels and high-end American hotels hands-down. This is a favorite hotel of many celebrities and their pups, and the staff does a great job of making everyone feel like they’re on the A-list, too.

You can trust your dog will get the top-notch treatment at this resort. They even get aromatherapy and homemade dog treats. Oh, and if there’s rain, there are plenty of Burberry dog coats available for rent.

2. Mandarin Oriental

mandarin oriental nyc

Up next on the list is Mandarin Oriental. There are a few of these around the US, but the most dog-friendly are in Atlanta and Miami. Four-legged guests get the full treatment here.

They have their own dog bed and water bowl in their room and they get house-made organic dog treats upon arrival. The staff goes as far as to leave a doggy dental kit for each pet and an assortment of toys for the dog’s enjoyment.

3. The Little Nell

apen little nell

If you’re headed to Aspen anytime soon, (by the way, how’s your Aspen, anyway?) be sure to stay in The Little Nell. Dogs don’t just get treats when they arrive, there’s also a full dog menu for owners to choose from throughout theirs and their pet’s stay.

Valets are available to walk your dogs if you have a full day planned, or, you can opt to take your dog up the mountain with you on the gondola during the summer months. Either way, you can be sure your dog is going to have a great time!

4. Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

lake tahoe hyatt

Lake Tahoe may not pop out in your mind as one of the top celebrity vacation spots, but it’s actually a great weekend getaway for people who live in the Hollywood Hills. Tahoe is close enough to go last-minute and exciting enough that you’ll never be bored no matter what time of year it is.

As far as A-list pet treatment goes, the best place to stay in Tahoe is the Hyatt Regency. The hotel thinks of everything from easy access for dogs to do their business to welcome treats and puppy pillows.

5. Calistoga Ranch

calistoga ranch

Last but not least, Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley. This hotel sits on over 150 acres and it’s surrounded by forestry. It’s basically any dog’s dream!

There are plenty of trails for you to explore with your dog and a huge lake to splash around in (weather permitting). You get a glass of wine upon arrival and your dog gets their own bed, a bag of treats, and water bowls for the room. The coolest thing about staying at Calistoga, though, is the scent-and-search scavenger hunt created just for dogs!

The Best Dog-Friendly Resorts All Over the World

It’s one thing to discover the best dog-friendly resorts that are close to home and another to travel with your dog overseas. The next time you’re booking a trip to London or Paris or wherever you’re headed, think about bringing your dog along, too.

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Luxury Dog Accessories & Home Products Your Dog Needs to Live Like a Rock Star

The NY Post found that the bond between pet and person is very strong. In fact, 84% of pet owners see themselves as “pet parents.” And, what parent out there doesn’t want their kids to have everything and more?

If you love to pamper your fur baby, read on for the best luxury dog accessories you need for your dog.

The Latest Tech

In the last few years, our homes have started to include many modern and convenient tech that make life easier. From smart appliances that you can control from an app while you are out to garbage cans that scan items to add to your grocery list. There’s something to make life as easy as possible.

Your pampered pooch should have the latest tech too. For example, an electronic dog door gives your pup the freedom to go in and out as she pleases. And it relieves you from being a doorman for your pet.

Another great techy gift for Coco is a smart collar. Not only does it tell you where your dog is in the house, but it also lets you monitor your furbaby’s health. It can even help you train your pup using some sound stimulus.

The Best Designer Dog Collars

The one thing on every luxury dog accessories list is a blinging collar. We suggest an iconic Tiffany and Co. collar that your pup will be proud to show off during your walks.

Ranging from extra small to extra large, there’s sure to be the right size for your pup. She will love the luxurious feel of high-quality Italian leather. You’ll love the custom hardware surrounded by glorious Tiffany blue.

Check out these 5 celebrity-inspired dog-walking outfits so you can look as fab as Fido.

Luxury Dog Houses

Give the phrase “in the doghouse” a whole new meaning with a spacious and comfortable adobe for your pooch.

The Juxtapose dog house by Kelly Wearstler is stylish and on trend. You’ll both love the modern and sleek architectural grid design that will be a pleasant accent in your home.

The Bowhaus can hold its own on MTV Cribs. It functions as both a side table and lounge area for your pampered pet. It’s a win-win.

If you want a gorgeous dog house for your pup in your yard, consider getting a custom-build.

Custom dog houses at Puppy Boutique can be made to fit the design and style of your home. Choose a concrete and glass contemporary pad or a Brooklyn brownstone replica for your pup to flow with your existing architecture.

Luxury Dog Accessories

One of the best ways to ensure your pup lives like a rock star is with a slew of tasteful designer dog items.

We love the collection of Henri Bendel pet toys and carrier totes. The Rock Dog Bowl by Michael Aram is full of glam.

Doggy sweaters are so last year. Why not pamper your pup with a full wardrobe including bathrobes, tutus, swimwear, and formal attire? Make sure to snap some pics and post them to give your pooch a taste of the rockstar life.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about the many luxury dog accessories you can treat your furry friend with. After all, your dog is your best friend. And doesn’t he or she deserve the best?

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