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Diesel the Pit Bull (Friendly, Cuddly) Instagram Star!

Diesel the famous Instagram Pitbull – Pitbulls have a bad rap, but, Diesel the Pit Bull is changing a lot of people’s stereotypes about the breed. Everyday he reminds thousands of Instagram followers how awesome and gentle most Pit Bulls are with some pretty amazing Instagram photos.

Diesel was adopted at 10 months old after being neglected and mistreated from family that no longer could care for him.

“You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Well, you couldn’t guess that now, as Diesel is a handsome, spoiled “Pibble” living with a loving family in Virginia.

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Even though I have these ugly shaved spots, I’m still one good looking dog ? – Diesel Update! – The specialist was able to drain about 500 ml of fluid from Diesel’s chest. It’s amazing how much better he’s breathing since doing that! We sent the fluid to the lab to be tested to see if there were any potential cancer cells. The doctor called us last night with the lab results. Everything came back negative, so no cancer cells were seen! This is great news, but we still have no answers as to what is causing this fluid buildup. His next recommendation is to see another specialist/surgeon to do a CT Scan and potential surgery. We scheduled an appointment for Monday. We’re hoping this is the last stop to getting answers! We are also keeping our fingers crossed that the fluid doesn’t build back up before going. If it does, he will have to get his chest tapped again prior to the CT Scan. We’re so close to answers! – Again, thank you all for being so amazing! I know I’ve said it all before, but you guys are making this so much better for us. All of the DM’s and comments mean the word to us! I never realized how many people love my sweet boy until this happened. You’re truly amazing and all of your positive vibes and prayers seem to be helping! Thank you thank you thank you!!! ???? – #endbsl #diesel #swag #cool #pitbullsofficial #pitbull #pittiesofig #pitbullsofinstagram #loversnotfighters #ShowUsYourPits #bluepitbull #dontbullymybreed #dogsofinstagram #handsome #WeLovePitbulls #standupforpits #loveabull #saturday #pitbulladvocate #proudpitbull_feature #fierce #smile #happy #happiness #boy #bestfriend #rescue #adoptdontshop This is an entry to win a years wardrobe form @darrenandphillip #darrenandphillip

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Channing Tatum’s Dogs; Meeka & Lulu

channing tatum dog airport

jenna dewan tatum dogsChanning Tatum was seen recently walking through LAX with his Pomeranian  Meeka; one of two dogs that he and his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum own.

Their other dog is a pit bull mix named, “Lulu” who Channing rescued from a dog shelter in Alabama while filming, “Dear John.” Channing brings the dogs with him to work, and they get plenty of walks.

“My dogs LIVE 4 their hikes,” Jenna recently tweeted after a hike at Runyan Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.

Hopefully the dogs were good training for the couple’s new human baby!

channing tatum with dogs

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Fiona Apple Cancels Tour to Be With Dying Dog

fiona apple pitbullFiona Saying Goodbye to Her Dog – Fiona Apple recently announced on Facebook in a hand written letter that she is postponing her South American concert tour to be with her dying pit bull, Janet.

fiona apple walking her pit bull dogFiona wrote: I have a dog Janet, and she’s been ill for almost two years now, as a tumor has been idling in her chest, growing ever so slowly. She’s almost 14 years old now.I got her when she was 4 months old. I was 21 then ,an adult officially – and she was my child.

She is a pitbull, and was found in Echo Park, with a rope around her neck, and bites all over her ears and face.

She was the one the dog fighters use to puff up the confidence of the contenders. She’s almost 14 and I’ve never seen her start a fight, or bite, or even growl, so I can understand why they chose her for that awful role. She’s a pacifist.

Janet has been the most consistent relationship of my adult life, and that is just a fact. We’ve lived in numerous houses, and jumped a few make shift families, but it’s always really been the two of us.

She slept in bed with me, her head on the pillow, and she accepted my hysterical, tearful face into her chest, with her paws around me, every time I was heartbroken, or spirit-broken, or just lost, and as years went by, she let me take the role of her child, as I fell asleep, with her chin resting above my head.

She was under the piano when I wrote songs, barked any time I tried to record anything, and she was in the studio with me all the time we recorded the last album… more

She added, “I just can’t leave her now, please understand. If I go away again, I’m afraid she’ll die and I won’t have the honor of singing her to sleep, of escorting her out.”

Although most of Fiona’s relationships with people end up being troubled or disfunctional, her dog has always given her unconditional love. 🙁 So sad!


Jessica Biel Snuggles With Pit Bull

jessica biel pit bull dog

jessica biel pitbullJessica Biel now has a regular series on Twitter revolving around her Pit Bull named, “Tina,” called #TuesdayswithTina. This past week she tweeted this photo of her and the dog, saying, “My 55 pound blanket.” She’s often seen near her L.A. home walking the dog with fiancee Justin Timberlake and his two Boxers.

Jessica is one of many famous Pit Bull owners in Hollywood. You can check out more famous pit bull owners on pinterest